Warranty and Returns

for our products, electric bikes, batteries, and motors

1. All electric bikes we manufacture, batteries and motors are covered by a 12-month warranty or 6000km for electric bikes, batteries, and motors, whichever happens first.

2. Cyberbikes will either; repair or replace the product refund part or all the value to account for the issue. In addition, Cyberbikes will consult with the customer to identify the best outcome for both parties.

3. The warranty does not apply to any: electric bikes, parts, accessories, batteries and motors that have been subject to abuse, misuse, negligence, commercial use (delivery work or electric bike hire companies or any competition, racing or sporting event) and accidents. In addition, this warranty does not cover any defects caused by tampering or unauthorised alterations or repairs. Any modifications to the bicycle, motor and electrical components will void your warranty.

4. The customer will be liable for shipping and labour fees associated with the diagnostics, investigation, and repair work of items returned under a warranty claim deemed invalid by our technicians.

5. Any non-warranty work carried out by the service team will require customer consent first. We will not repair/ replace any non-warranty products before customers approval. Customers are entirely liable for the cost of non-warranty work, including and not limited to labour, parts and shipping.

6. Warranties on electric bikes, accessories and parts, batteries and motors are not transferable to second owners unless agreed in writing with Cyberbikes before the second-hand sale.

7. Perishable items are not subject to warranty due to their deterioration through regular use. These items are – bearings, tubes, tyres, bushings, grip tape, spokes, wheels, brake cables, brake levers, brake pads, chain, belt, derailleur, the cassette of gears, chainring, gear cable and adjustments, tightening of all nuts, bottom bracket, general adjustments, frame and suspension rust and corrosion.

8. Cyberbikes reserve their right to inspect their product before a repair, refund or replacement is conducted.

9. Warranty return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. However, the warranty covers the cost of sending you replacement parts, but not the cost of fitting them to the bike, nor any bike recovery from swamps, gorges or remote locations. Cyberbikes will guide the owner through how to replace the defective part.

10. Be aware that the battery range values (km) are estimated by:
* Using the electric bike on a flat surface and no headwind.
* With the maximum recommended tyre inflation.
*Riding the bicycle at a constant speed of 25km/h and consuming 250W continuous in that time. *The rider is constantly pedalling under the correct bicycle gear for that speed.

*Rider weight not exceeding 75kg


Motor and Controller:

Motor copper windings, hall sensors, and motor Controller Electrical Burn out due to excessive heat, water damage, excessive off-road (impacts and flooding) will not be covered by warranty. The motor bearings (needle bearings and thrust bearings) could be damaged by excessive torque when installing the motor.

Therefore, those bearings are not covered by warranty in this case. The internal nylon gear of the motor could be damaged by not using the correct gear for the speed you’re travelling on the bike (i.e. low speed and high gear). In this case, it’s not covered under warranty.

Please watch our Cyberbikes Motor Series on YouTube if you want to preserve your motor. We explain how to install your Bafang motor and shift the bicycle’s gears to prevent damage to your system.


Battery Capacity:

All batteries will lose capacity over time. Capacity loss is not covered under warranty if the battery presents more than 80% of the energy density (Wh) under its 12-months warranty or 6000km, whichever happens first. (If the battery unit is misused, opened or sealed tampered with, this will void your battery warranty).

Suppose your ebike battery hasn’t been charged for more than two months, or you damaged the charger or battery by misuse (e.g. short circuit). In that case, they are not covered by warranty.

Damage due to external causes, such as excessively hot or freezing weather, water damage and collisions, will not be covered under warranty. In addition, the warranty won’t cover any scratches, marks or imperfections caused by delivery or other external sources.


Returning items

1. We accept returns within seven days of the original purchase.

2. All items must be in new condition with the original packaging.

3. Returns for all purchases require the original Receipt.

4. Online purchases may be returned to our Shop or by following the online return instructions below:
· Forward us your email purchase receipt to customersuccess@cyberbikes.com and explain what’s wrong with your order.
· Place your item(s) in the original packaging and reseal the packaging ready for shipping. Package it well to prevent any damages that won’t be covered under warranty or refund policy.
· Attach a new posting label (paid by the customer) and post the parcel at any registered
post office.
· Forward the details of the courier service & tracking number of your online return
along with any additional information to customersuccess@cyberbikes.com
· Allow five business days to process the refund on receiving the goods. If the item you want to exchange is out of stock, we will issue a refund if we cannot provide a suitable alternative. **You can take in-store purchases back to your local store.
**Cyberbikes will not be held responsible if there is a delay in delivery. If your product is lost in transit, Cyberbikes will not be held liable. Customers will be responsible for the return shipping and handling charge.

5. All sales transactions are considered final following payment and delivery. Therefore, Cyberbikes will not give a refund because of buyer’s remorse

6. In the case of returning an electric bicycle, it will incur a restocking fee of 10% of the purchase price (including shipping). Returns are accepted within seven days of purchase and where the bike usage has not exceeded 30km.



1. Refunds are processed using the original payment method, except for cash for in-store purchases refunded via direct deposit. Valid ID is required.
2. Online refunds are processed within three business days of approval.
3. Refunds may take five business days after processing to appear back in your bank

account or credit card.