Your electric bike will be a unique product, fit for purpose, with essential components to make your electric bike reliable and capable of overcoming every obstacle of the way.


At Cyberbikes you can book an appointment for your ebike repair, drop it off, get an *estimate of the services and receive a complete report of what was rebuilt, refurbished, fixed, or improved. It’s a unique experience where you get to learn more about your bike and see the components that make it strong.

Our workshop prices are $129 per hour + parts.

Parking is available at the loading dock of Kennards Storage Unit


  • Bike Assembly & Disassembly
  • Brake Overhaul
  • Gear and Derailleur adjustment
  • Motor Repairs (Bafang)
  • Controller Replacement
  • GPS Installation (Bicycle and Car)
  • Lights Installation
  • Handlebar Riser Install
  • Tyre Replacement/Repair
  • Mudguard Installation
  • Seat Install/Upgrade
  • Suspension Install
  • Wheel alignment
  • Bicycle wash
  • Custom Bicycle Build
  • Power Increase
  • Performance Tune-Up
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Custom Electricbike Build

Your ebike will be a unique product, fit for purpose, with essential components to make it reliable and capable of overcoming every obstacle on the way.

We meticulously use our engineering experience to build ebikes that will last for a long time. We instruct customers on how to extract the most of their ebikes because we think about our customers’ safety, reducing accidents and breakdowns and extending the lifetime of your ebike.

What are the benefits?

There’s nothing better than getting something made especially for you. See the benefits of a cyber bike:

  • Tailored Made eBike
  • Low Maintenance
  • Durable & Long Lasting Ebike
  • Built with Heavy Duty Components

Almost zero maintenance

By choosing our selection of recommended upgrades, you will have a bike that requires less maintenance than the budget version of your ebike. We strongly advise customers to invest money in tyres, brakes and lights to avoid ongoing maintenance costs.

We estimate that you may save $500 of ongoing maintenance in a year just by choosing our upgrades

After converting your ebike with Cyberbikes, you will have an ebike that is something in between a bicycle and a motorbike.

We used to say that your new ebike is an iPad, it’s not a mobile phone, and it’s not a computer, but if you take the iPad out of the market, there’s a niche to be filled. That is what your ebike will be—a lightweight, hybrid vehicle combining human and electrical power to take you anywhere. Your ebike will eventually replace your car/motorbike/public transport needs in most cases. Without your ebike, you won’t be the same! Your ebike is your modern horse!