Cyberbikes VESTA Aluminium Step Thru COMPACT FOLDING 250W MOTOR 36V 13Ah – GREY/WHITE


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Product Information


  • Aluminium: Likely offers a good balance of weight and durability.
  • Step-through (thru) design: This is a typical frame style for bicycles, where you step through instead of over the top tube to mount and dismount.
  • Folding: The frame, handlebars, and pedals fold in half, making VESTA an easy-to-store and transport e-bike.


  • 250W motor peaking at 600W: This powerful motor can provide good acceleration and hill-climbing ability. The 600W peak might be achieved with custom Cyberbikes settings only.
  • Cyberbikes Settings: Customizable power settings adjusted for performance.


  • 36V 13Ah: This offers a good balance of battery capacity and weight. The range will depend on various factors like rider weight, terrain, and assist level usage, but you can expect a decent range on a single charge (Estimated range  47km on a flat surface travelling at 25km/h)

Assist Modes:

  • Full-throttle: Allows you to control the motor power directly with a thumb throttle, similar to a jet ski!
  • Pedal Assist (5 Levels): The motor assists based on your pedalling cadence. You can likely choose between 5 different assist levels to adjust the amount of motor power you receive.

Other Features:

  • Puncture-resistant 20″ x 2.125″, these tyres provide good grip and stability on asphalt and hard surfaces and will decently protect you from flats.
  • Folding Frame: The user can fold the bike to a small size (Lmax=0.97m Hmax=0.96m Wmax=0.47m) and fit it inside a car trunk.
  • Extended rear rack: Provides additional cargo-carrying capacity.
  • 2A Charger: Full charge in 6.5 hours – This is a standard charger rate for many electric bikes.
  • Gears: Shimano 8 Speeds, rapid-fire shifter.
  • Brakes: Gemma Hydraulic Brake system, 160mm disc brakes, great stopping power and low maintenance.

The overall length when unfolded is L=1.64m; Hhandlebars=1.06m; Hsaddle=0.79m W=0.44m, which is highly compact compared to all European-inspired models we see on the streets today.

When folded, VESTA is Lmax=0.97m Hmax=0.96m Wmax=0.47m. The overall weight of the e-bike with the battery is 23kg, and the maximum load capacity on the saddle is 120kg.

VESTA is a member of our selective group of Cyberbikes. This e-bike is recommended to those who live in urban centres and need a compact e-bike for their commute and errands. It could also easily suit travellers. Imagine a couple exploring Australia with their van/caravan/motorhome, and they would like a compact folding e-bike that’s easy to transport and store. VESTA will help them further explore unique places in Australia and serve as an emergency vehicle if something goes wrong with their primary vehicle. 


  • Premium Front Suspension + Mudguards + Alloy Mag Wheels

    Smooth out all bumpy roads with the front suspension, eliminate debris with tidy mudguards, and enjoy the charm and unique look of alloy mag wheels!

  • Front Light Integrated to Main Battery

    Powerful LED light, intense beam with low energy consumption.

  • 20″x1.95″ Tires + Alloy Mag Wheels + Mudguards

    Extra comfort and improved riding ability with 20 x 1.95″ tires, massive wheel resistance against potholes, and stay dry and gorgeous mudguards.

  • Rear Light Integrated to Rear Rack + Brake Lights

    A powerful LED light is attached to the rear rack carrier.

  • LCD Screen with Sine-Wave Controller

    A digital controller with a perfect modular wave ensures lots of power and reliability to your bike, with a peak power of over 600W!


  • Folding Pedals 

    Firm when unfolded and compact when folded, these are the best pedals for a compact e-bike. The total width side to side, when folded, is Wmax=0.47m


  • Folding Frame

    When the frame is folded in half, VESTA’s maximum length is Lmax=0.97m


  • Folding Handlebar Stem

    When the handlebar stem is folded in half, VESTA’s maximum height is Hmax=0.96m

  • Compact Storing and Transporting

    When VESTA is wholly folded, handlebars+pedals+frame, its volume is only 0.44 cubic metres.


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