Thumb tap / Dual shifter lever with cable 2050mm. 7 speed set right side only , black


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Product Information

Introducing the Thumb Tap / Dual Shifter Lever, a versatile and convenient accessory for your bike’s drivetrain. This shifter lever comes with a cable measuring 2050mm in length, ensuring compatibility with various bike setups.

Designed specifically for 7-speed systems, this shifter lever is perfect for riders seeking precise and smooth gear changes. The set is intended for the right side only, offering seamless shifting control at your fingertips.

Featuring a sleek black design, this shifter lever adds a touch of style to your bike while providing excellent functionality. The thumb tap design allows for easy and intuitive shifting, enhancing your overall riding experience.

Installation and adjustment of this shifter lever are straightforward, making it suitable for both experienced cyclists and those new to bike maintenance. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of seamless gear changes during your rides.

Upgrade your bike’s drivetrain with the Thumb Tap / Dual Shifter Lever, and experience the benefits of reliable and responsive shifting. Enhance your cycling performance with this high-quality and user-friendly accessory.

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