SunRace Thumb tap / Dual shifter lever with cable 2050mm 7 speed set right side only , black


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Product Information

The SunRace Thumb Tap / Dual Shifter Lever with cable (7-speed, right side only, black) you described seems like a good option for replacing or upgrading the shifters on your 7-speed bicycle. Here’s a summary of its key features and some things to consider before buying:


  • Thumb Shifter Design: Provides easy gear changes with your thumb for intuitive control.
  • Dual Shifter: Allows you to upshift and downshift with one lever, simplifying gear changes.
  • 7-Speed Compatibility: Works with 7-speed cassette and derailleur systems.
  • Right Side Only: This is a single shifter for the right side of your handlebars, controlling the rear derailleur.
  • 2050mm Cable Length: Provides ample cable length for most bikes (might require cutting for some).
  • Black Color: Sleek and stylish design that complements most bikes.

Before You Buy:

  • Shifter Compatibility: Ensure this right side shifter is compatible with your existing left shifter (if you have one) and derailleurs. Ideally, they should all be from the same brand and designed for 7-speed drivetrains.
  • Cable Length: 2050mm is a common length, but you might need to cut the excess cable for your specific bike setup.
  • Installation: While the installation process might be straightforward, some mechanical knowledge or assistance from a bike mechanic might be helpful.


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