Sealed bearing, 25 x37 x7, 6805, compatible External BB


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Product Information

The information you provided describes a sealed bearing that is compatible with external bottom brackets (external BB):

  • Dimensions:
    • Inner diameter: 25 mm
    • Outer diameter: 37 mm
    • Width: 7 mm
  • Industry standard code: 6805
  • Compatibility: External bottom bracket (external BB)

Here’s a breakdown of what each of these specifications means:

  • Dimensions: These specify the size of the bearing. The inner diameter (25 mm) is where the axle of your crankset will sit, and the outer diameter (37 mm) will fit into the bearing seat of your bike frame. The width (7 mm) determines the overall thickness of the bearing.
  • Industry standard code: 6805 – This is a common code used by bearing manufacturers to identify specific bearing sizes and types. A 6805 bearing corresponds to the dimensions mentioned earlier (25 x 37 x 7 mm).
  • Compatibility: External BB – This indicates that this bearing is designed for use in external bottom bracket systems. In external BB systems, the bearings are housed within the bottom bracket shell of the frame, and the bottom bracket cups thread directly onto the frame.

Since this is a sealed bearing, it has lubricant inside and rubber seals on both sides to keep dirt and contamination out. This helps to extend the lifespan of the bearing and reduces the need for maintenance.

Here are some things to consider when purchasing this sealed bearing:

  • Bottom bracket compatibility: Double-check that the dimensions (25 x 37 x 7 mm) and bearing type (6805) are compatible with your specific external bottom bracket system.
  • Quality: Sealed bearings come in various qualities. If you prioritize long-lasting performance, consider opting for a bearing from a reputable brand known for high-quality components.
  • Number of bearings needed: External bottom bracket systems typically use two bearings, one on each side of the bottom bracket shell.

Overall, a sealed bearing with the specifications you mentioned (25 x 37 x 7, 6805) seems like a suitable option for replacing bearings in an external bottom bracket system. Just ensure compatibility with your specific bike frame and bottom bracket before making a purchase.


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