SCHWALBE TUBE AV13D SCHRADER; 26” X 1.95 -3.00 (54 TO 75 – 559) 290G DOWNHILL


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Conquer Downhill Trails with Confidence: Schwalbe AV13D Downhill Tube

The Schwalbe AV13D Schrader tube you mentioned is specifically designed for downhill mountain biking and tires with a width between 1.95 inches and 3.00 inches. Here’s why it might be a great choice for your rides:

Built for Toughness:

  • Downhill specific: Engineered to withstand the demanding impacts and pressures of downhill riding.
  • Durable butyl rubber: Puncture-resistant and maintains air pressure longer, reducing risks of flats.
  • 290g weight: Offers a good balance of durability and weight compared to lighter tubes.

Optimized for Performance:

  • Schrader valve: Universally compatible with most pumps for easy inflation.
  • 26-inch size: Fits a wide range of downhill mountain bike wheels.
  • AV13D design: Provides ample air volume for wider tires, improving cushioning and control.

Additional Features:

  • Individually tested: Each tube undergoes two inspections at the factory for maximum reliability.
  • Schwalbe reputation: Backed by a trusted brand in the cycling industry.

Things to Consider:

  • Weight: If weight is a top priority, consider a lighter tube option, but be aware of potential trade-offs in durability.
  • Specific needs: Ensure the valve type (Schrader) and size (26-inch) match your tire and rim.
  • Alternatives: Explore other downhill-specific tubes from brands like Continental or Michelin.

Overall, the Schwalbe AV13D Schrader tube is a solid choice for downhill riders seeking a reliable and durable inner tube that can handle the rigors of the terrain.


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