SAHOO , Universal Smart Phone Holder, Handlebar Mount, ziplock closure, 100% waterproof


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Product Information

The SAHOO Universal Smart Phone Holder with a Handlebar Mount is a versatile accessory for cyclists, designed to securely hold and protect your smartphone during your rides. Here are some of its key features:

  1. Universal Compatibility: This smartphone holder is designed to accommodate a wide range of phone sizes and models, making it compatible with various smartphones. Its adjustability ensures that your device fits snugly in the holder.
  2. Handlebar Mount: The handlebar mount allows you to easily attach your smartphone to your bicycle’s handlebars, providing convenient access to your device’s screen, GPS, or other cycling apps while you ride.
  3. Ziplock Closure: The ziplock closure is a crucial feature, ensuring that your smartphone remains securely enclosed and protected from the elements. This closure makes the holder 100% waterproof, safeguarding your phone from rain, splashes, and other environmental hazards.
  4. Weatherproof and Durability: With its waterproof design, this smartphone holder provides peace of mind during wet weather conditions. It is likely constructed from durable and weather-resistant materials to ensure it can withstand the rigors of cycling.
  5. Easy Installation: The handlebar mount is designed for easy and secure installation on your bicycle’s handlebars, allowing you to quickly attach and detach your smartphone holder as needed.

Overall, the SAHOO Universal Smart Phone Holder with Handlebar Mount is a convenient and reliable accessory for cyclists who want to keep their smartphones easily accessible and protected during their rides, even in adverse weather conditions. The combination of universal compatibility, waterproofing, and easy installation makes it a practical choice for cyclists of various levels and preferences.


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