SAHOO Phone Bag, Phone Holder, Large, top tube mount, velcro attach, W/R, L20/W9.5/H10cm


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Product Information

The SAHOO Phone Bag is a practical and versatile accessory designed for cyclists, offering a convenient way to carry and access your smartphone during rides. Here are the key features of the SAHOO Phone Bag with a top tube mount:

  1. Large Size: The phone bag is designed with ample space, providing enough room to accommodate larger smartphones comfortably. This ensures compatibility with a variety of phone sizes, allowing cyclists to carry their devices securely.
  2. Top Tube Mount: The top tube mount allows cyclists to attach the phone bag directly to the top tube of the bicycle frame. This strategic placement provides easy access to your smartphone while riding, allowing you to view navigation, fitness apps, or messages without disrupting your cycling experience.
  3. Velcro Attachment: The use of Velcro straps for attachment ensures a secure and adjustable fit on the top tube. This makes installation and removal quick and easy, allowing cyclists to customize the positioning of the phone bag for optimal convenience.
  4. Water-Resistant (W/R): The phone bag is equipped with water-resistant features, providing protection for your smartphone from light rain, splashes, and other environmental elements. This feature ensures the safety of your device during unpredictable weather conditions.
  5. Dimensions (L20/W9.5/H10cm): The specified dimensions indicate the size of the phone bag, with a length of 20 cm, width of 9.5 cm, and height of 10 cm. These dimensions contribute to the bag’s capacity and its ability to accommodate various smartphone sizes.

In summary, the SAHOO Phone Bag with a top tube mount offers cyclists a practical and weather-resistant solution for carrying and accessing their smartphones during rides. The combination of a large size, top tube mounting, Velcro attachment, and water-resistant design makes it a reliable accessory for cyclists looking to enhance their on-the-go experience.


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