Sahoo , Frame TRIANGLE Bag, Durable 300D polyester, 1.0 L capacity, velcro secure mounting


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Product Information

The Sahoo Frame Triangle Bag is a compact and convenient storage solution designed to utilize the unused space inside your bike’s frame triangle. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

  • Frame Triangle Fit: This bag is specifically designed to fit within the triangular frame of your bike, typically located between the seat tube, top tube, and down tube.

  • Durable Construction: Made from 300D polyester, this material offers a good balance of weight, durability, and water resistance, protecting your belongings from splashes and light rain.

  • 1.0 Liter Capacity: This size is ideal for carrying essentials like snacks, tools, a phone, wallet, or a small pump.

  • Velcro Secure Mounting: The bag uses velcro straps to attach to the frame tubes, offering a quick and easy way to secure the bag without any complicated tools.

Here are some of the benefits of using a Sahoo Frame Triangle Bag:

  • Improved weight distribution: Having the weight centered on the frame can improve handling compared to carrying a backpack.
  • Easy access: The bag’s position allows for easy access to your essentials while riding.
  • Aerodynamics: Unlike backpacks, a frame triangle bag minimizes wind resistance for a more aerodynamic ride.
  • Space optimization: It utilizes often-unused space on your bike for storage.

Some things to consider before purchasing the Sahoo Frame Triangle Bag:

  • Frame compatibility: Not all bike frames have a triangle shape suitable for this type of bag. Make sure your bike frame has enough space for the bag and allows clearance for water bottles if you use them.
  • Capacity limitations: With a 1-liter capacity, this bag might not be suitable for carrying a lot of gear. Consider your needs and if a larger frame bag might be better.
  • Water resistance: While the material offers some water resistance, it’s not waterproof. For heavy rain, you might want to use additional waterproof pouches inside the bag for valuables.

Overall, the Sahoo Frame Triangle Bag is a good option for cyclists who want a convenient and affordable way to carry essentials on their rides. It’s easy to mount, provides good organization, and improves weight distribution compared to backpacks. Just ensure it fits your bike frame and consider your storage needs before purchasing.


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