Rubena Donkey 26 x 2.35 Mitas Bike Tyre


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Conquer Your Cargo with the Rubena Donkey 26 x 2.35 Electric Cargo Bike Tyre

Tough enough for anything: The Rubena Donkey isn’t your average bike tyre. Built for the demanding world of electric cargo bikes, it boasts a robust four-ply construction that can handle heavy loads (up to 170kg!) without flinching. Whether you’re hauling groceries, deliveries, or your weekend adventures, the Donkey has the muscle to carry you and your cargo wherever the road takes you.

Grip that won’t quit: Worried about stability with all that weight? The Donkey’s got you covered. Its specially designed tread pattern digs into the pavement for confident grip, even on wet or loose surfaces. Cornering, braking, and maneuvering are all a breeze, even when you’re fully loaded.

Smooth ride, mile after mile: The Donkey isn’t just about brute force. Its optimized tread pattern and flexible sidewalls also ensure a smooth, comfortable ride. Soaking up bumps and vibrations, you’ll enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable ride, even with a heavy load.

Durable for the long haul: Built with high-quality materials, the Donkey is designed to last. Puncture-resistant and wear-resistant, you can count on it to keep rolling mile after mile, saving you money and frustration in the long run.

Why choose the Rubena Donkey?

  • Heavy-duty construction (170kg load capacity) ideal for electric cargo bikes
  • Confidence-inspiring grip for all conditions
  • Smooth and comfortable ride, even when loaded
  • Puncture-resistant and wear-resistant for long life
  • Available in 26 x 2.35 size

Upgrade your electric cargo bike with the Rubena Donkey and experience the freedom of effortless hauling. Get yours today!


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