Rim Tape for TUBELESS Rims, Width 21mm x 0.12mm x Length 10Metres, Yellow, Universal


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Product Information

The rim tape you described appears to be a good option for converting clincher rims (non-tubeless) to tubeless ready if they are compatible. Here’s a breakdown of the key features:

  • Tubeless Rim Compatibility: This tape is specifically designed for tubeless rims, which have a spoke hole lining system to create an airtight seal with the tubeless tire. Ensure your rims are tubeless compatible before using this tape.
  • Wide Enough for Most Rims: The 21mm width should be sufficient to cover the spoke holes on most bicycle rims.
  • Thin and Lightweight: The 0.12mm thickness keeps the weight minimal.
  • Length: 10 meters is enough for taping multiple wheelsets.
  • Yellow Color: While color doesn’t affect performance, it can add a nice visual accent to your wheels if the valve stems or other components are yellow.
  • Universal (potentially): The description says “universal,” but it’s important to note that rim tape width can vary slightly depending on the rim design. A good practice is to measure the spoke hole width on your rims to ensure the 21mm tape will provide enough coverage.

Benefits of Tubeless Tires:

  • Improved puncture resistance: Tubeless tires offer better puncture resistance compared to clincher tires with tubes because the sealant can fill small holes.
  • Lower rolling resistance: Tubeless tires can provide lower rolling resistance due to the elimination of the tube friction.
  • Lighter weight: Tubeless setups can be slightly lighter compared to clincher tires with tubes.
  • Better grip: You can run lower tire pressures with tubeless tires, which can improve grip and comfort on rough terrain.

Considerations before buying:

  • Rim compatibility: Double-check that your rims are designed for tubeless conversion. Not all rims are compatible.
  • Tubeless sealant: You’ll need to use a tubeless sealant with the rim tape and tubeless tires for proper functionality.
  • Installation: Installing tubeless tires can be trickier than clincher tires. You might need some additional tools and practice to get a good seal.

Overall, the rim tape you described has good features for converting tubeless-compatible rims to tubeless tires. Just ensure your rims are compatible and consider the additional requirements of using tubeless tires (sealant, potentially new valves, installation knowledge) before purchasing.


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