QBP Pedal – MTB Alloy Platform – DU bearing – 9/16 Black – 109*100*28 mm – Removable Pins – TW


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Product Information

Introducing the QBP MTB Alloy Platform Pedals, a high-quality pedal option for your mountain bike. These pedals are designed with durability and performance in mind, offering a reliable platform for your rides.

Crafted from lightweight and robust alloy material, these pedals strike a balance between strength and weight savings. They are built to withstand the rigors of mountain biking, providing long-lasting performance on various terrains.

Featuring DU bearings, these pedals offer smooth and efficient rotation, allowing you to pedal with ease. The 9/16 size ensures compatibility with most mountain bike cranksets, making them a versatile choice for riders.

With a sleek black color, these pedals add a touch of style to your bike’s aesthetics. The 10910028 mm dimensions provide a comfortable and supportive platform for your feet, enhancing your pedaling efficiency.

The QBP MTB Alloy Platform Pedals come with removable pins, allowing you to customize the grip and traction according to your preference. This feature is especially useful for riders who want to fine-tune their pedal setup for different trail conditions.

Upgrade your mountain bike with the QBP MTB Alloy Platform Pedals and experience enhanced performance and control. Enjoy the benefits of durable construction, smooth bearings, and customizable grip as you tackle challenging trails and explore new adventures on your bike.


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