Pepito / Diana / Obsidian – Original LCD Display


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Product Information

Introducing the Pepito/Diana/Obsidian Original LCD Display, a high-quality and feature-rich accessory for your electric bike. This LCD display is designed to provide riders with essential information and control over their electric bike system.

With its clear and easy-to-read screen, the Pepito/Diana/Obsidian Original LCD Display presents important data such as speed, distance traveled, battery level, and assist level. It allows you to monitor your ride metrics in real-time, keeping you informed about your electric bike’s performance.

The LCD display also provides convenient control options, allowing you to adjust the assist level and switch between different riding modes with ease. This gives you the flexibility to adapt to various terrains and riding conditions, maximizing your riding enjoyment.

Designed specifically for Pepito, Diana, and Obsidian electric bike models, this original LCD display ensures seamless integration with your electric bike system. It offers easy installation and intuitive operation, enhancing your overall riding experience.

Upgrade your electric bike with the Pepito/Diana/Obsidian Original LCD Display and enjoy the benefits of clear information display and convenient control options. Stay informed, optimize your electric bike’s performance, and enjoy a more interactive and enjoyable riding experience with this high-quality LCD display.


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