PARKLOCK PYRMONT – High Security Folding Lock


  • 5 mm x 6 steel links
  • Link length: 752 mm

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Product Information

Shield Your Electric Bike with the PARKLOCK PYRMONT High Security Folding Lock

Safeguard your electric bike against theft with the PARKLOCK PYRMONT High Security Folding Lock, a robust and innovative locking solution designed to deter even the most determined thieves. This compact yet durable folding lock features a unique patented design that combines hardened steel links with a protective ABS cover to prevent damage to your bike’s paintwork. Its high-security anti-drill disc cylinder provides exceptional resistance to picking and drilling attempts, offering peace of mind wherever you park your electric bike.

Key Features:

  • Unparalleled Security: Patented design, hardened steel links, and anti-drill disc cylinder for maximum protection

  • Convenient Portability: Compact folding design for easy storage and carrying

  • Protective ABS Cover: Prevents scratching and damage to your bike’s paintwork

  • Easy Operation: Smooth folding and unfolding mechanism for hassle-free use

  • Two Keys Included: For added security and convenience

Embrace peace of mind and protect your valuable electric bike with the PARKLOCK PYRMONT High Security Folding Lock. Its innovative design, exceptional security, and convenient portability make it an essential accessory for every electric bike owner.


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