Obsidian Battery 48V 16Ah (Battery Only – No charger)


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Product Information

The Cyberbikes Obsidian Battery 48V 16Ah is a high-performance lithium-ion battery designed for electric bikes. It provides ample power with its 48V voltage rating, ensuring efficient and consistent performance. The 16Ah capacity offers an extended range, making it ideal for longer trips or daily commuting. The battery’s rugged construction protects against impacts and environmental elements, ensuring durability. It utilizes advanced lithium-ion technology, providing a higher energy density in a lightweight and compact package. Smart management systems optimize performance, preventing overcharging and prolonging battery life. The Obsidian Battery is compatible with various electric bike models, allowing for easy integration. Overall, the Cyberbikes Obsidian Battery 48V 16Ah is a reliable and efficient power solution that enhances the performance and enjoyment of electric biking.


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