Mirror, plastic w/ reflector, insert type, for Right Hand side only 19mm


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Introducing a convenient and reliable mirror for your bicycle, designed specifically for the right-hand side. This mirror features a durable plastic construction with a reflector, ensuring visibility and safety during your rides.

With an insert type design, this mirror is easy to install and adjust according to your preferred viewing angle. The 19mm size makes it compact and lightweight, without compromising on functionality.

Enhance your awareness and visibility on the road with this right-hand side mirror. It provides a clear rearview, allowing you to monitor traffic and potential hazards behind you without having to turn your head.

Safety is paramount when cycling, and having a mirror on your bike provides an additional layer of protection. Stay informed and ride with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable mirror to assist you in your cycling adventures.

Upgrade your bike with this plastic mirror featuring a reflector, designed for the right-hand side. Enjoy the benefits of improved visibility and safety as you navigate the roads or trails with ease.



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