Mirror Convex Oblong, Bar End, Fits 15-22mm ID, ideal for R/H or L/H


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Product Information

  • Shape: Convex – The reflective surface curves outward, providing a wider viewing angle of what’s behind you compared to a flat mirror.
  • Mounting: Bar End – It mounts on the handlebar end, typically on either the right or left side (R/H or L/H).
  • Fit: Fits handlebars with an inner diameter (ID) of 15-22mm. Make sure to measure your handlebars to ensure compatibility.

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits and potential drawbacks of this type of mirror:


  • Wider field of view: The convex shape allows you to see more of what’s behind you without having to turn your head as much.
  • Unobstructed view: Bar end mounting keeps the mirror out of the way of your hands and shifters on the handlebar.
  • Easy installation: Typically, these mirrors come with simple clamps or wedges for attaching to the handlebar end.
  • Versatility: You can mount it on either the right or left handlebar end based on your preference.


  • Convex distortion: Convex mirrors can cause objects to appear smaller than they actually are, so you might misjudge distances behind you.
  • Blind spot: Like any mirror, there will still be a blind spot directly behind you.
  • Vibration: Bar end mirrors can experience more vibration compared to stem-mounted mirrors, potentially causing a blurry image.

Overall, a convex oblong bar end mirror is a good choice for cyclists who want a wider field of view without compromising handlebar space. However, be aware of the potential for distortion and vibration.

Here are some additional things to consider when choosing a bar end mirror:

  • Material: Mirrors are often made of plastic or glass. Glass offers a clearer reflection, but is more fragile. Plastic is more durable but might not provide the same clarity.
  • Adjustability: Make sure the mirror can be easily adjusted to get the right viewing angle.
  • Breakaway feature: Some mirrors have a breakaway feature that allows them to detach upon impact in a crash, potentially reducing handlebar damage.


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