KWT Ergonomic Lock On Grips – with Locking Rings, Black/Grey


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Introducing the KWT Ergonomic Lock On Grips, designed to provide superior comfort, control, and convenience for your cycling adventures. These grips feature an ergonomic design that promotes a natural and comfortable hand position, reducing fatigue and enhancing your overall riding experience.

The KWT Ergonomic Lock On Grips come equipped with locking rings, ensuring a secure and reliable attachment to your handlebars. The locking rings provide added stability, preventing the grips from rotating or slipping during intense rides.

Featuring a stylish black and grey color combination, these grips add a touch of sophistication to your bike’s aesthetics. The two-tone design not only looks great but also helps you easily identify the grip positions while riding.

Crafted with quality materials, these grips offer excellent durability and longevity. The textured surface provides enhanced grip and control, even in wet or sweaty conditions, ensuring you stay firmly in control of your bike.

Upgrade your handlebars with the KWT Ergonomic Lock On Grips and experience the perfect blend of comfort and performance. Enjoy the convenience of the locking rings and the sleek design as you tackle various terrains and enjoy hours of comfortable cycling.


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