Hutchinson Haussmann Infinity 29 x 2.4 E50


  • Electric Bicycles up to 50 km/h
  • 2.4″ wide tyres
  • Excellent Rubber Quality – full grip on every corner
  • Extra thickness against punctures

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Product Information

he Hutchinson Haussmann Infinity 29 x 2.4 E50 is a tough and reliable electric bike tire designed for urban environments. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Built for E-bikes:

  • E50 rating: This indicates the tire’s ability to handle the higher speeds and weight of electric bikes. It’s crucial for safety and performance on an e-bike.

Urban Versatility:

  • 29 x 2.4 size: This large diameter and wide profile offer a comfortable ride, good grip on pavement, and the ability to handle light off-road conditions like gravel paths.
  • Round balloon shape: Provides a smooth ride and additional shock absorption for a comfortable urban commute.

Durability and Puncture Resistance:

  • Infinity reinforcement: Hutchinson’s proprietary technology strengthens the tire casing, reducing the risk of punctures and flats. This is especially important for navigating city streets with potential debris.

Additional Considerations:

  • Tread pattern: The specific tread pattern might not be available online, but it’s likely optimized for both rolling efficiency on pavement and some traction in light off-road scenarios.
  • Tubeless compatibility: It’s not explicitly mentioned, but some online retailers suggest that this tire might be tubeless compatible. It’s best to check with the manufacturer or a trusted bike shop for confirmation.

Overall, the Hutchinson Haussmann Infinity 29 x 2.4 E50 is a solid choice for urban e-bike riders seeking a comfortable, puncture-resistant, and E-bike-rated tire for city commutes and occasional light off-road adventures.

Here are some additional points to consider when choosing this tire:

  • Riding style: If you plan on doing mostly off-road riding, a more aggressive tire tread might be a better option.
  • Climate: If you live in a rainy city, a tire with a more pronounced tread pattern for better wet weather grip might be preferable.
  • Weight: The wider tire size and E50 rating might contribute to slightly more weight compared to a narrower or non-E50 rated tire.


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