FRONT LIGHT, 4-function, 2 white LED, black, w/bracket & USB cable battery included, add item 8383 for “go-Pro” mounting


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Product Information

The Front Light with 4 functions is a versatile and essential accessory for cyclists, providing illumination and safety features. Here are the key features of this front light:

  1. 4-Function Modes: The front light offers four different modes, allowing cyclists to adjust the light settings based on their visibility needs and environmental conditions. These modes typically include options such as steady illumination, flashing, and variations to suit diverse riding scenarios.
  2. 2 White LED: Equipped with two white LEDs, this front light ensures bright and clear visibility, enhancing safety during low-light conditions or nighttime rides.
  3. Color and Design: The light comes in a sleek black color, offering a stylish and unobtrusive addition to the bicycle. The aesthetic design is complemented by its functionality.
  4. Bracket and USB Cable Included: The front light is packaged with a bracket for easy attachment to the bicycle, providing a secure and adjustable mount. Additionally, a USB cable is included for convenient recharging.
  5. Battery Included: The front light comes with a built-in battery, eliminating the need for separate battery purchases. The rechargeable battery is convenient and eco-friendly.
  6. Go-Pro Mounting Compatibility (Add item 8383): For added versatility, cyclists have the option to purchase item 8383 separately for “Go-Pro” mounting. This suggests that the front light can be easily adapted to attach to Go-Pro-compatible mounts, expanding its usability.

In summary, the Front Light with 4 functions is a comprehensive lighting solution for cyclists, offering multiple modes, powerful illumination with two white LEDs, and convenient features like a bracket and USB cable. The optional “Go-Pro” mounting compatibility enhances the adaptability of this front light for different cycling setups.


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