FDKOBE 31.8/28.6mm adjustable stem 60mm length


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With a precise 31.5mm diameter, a compact 60mm length, and a 0 to 60-degree rise flexibility, the Trails Ahead Stem is a versatile component designed to elevate your electric bike (eBike) experience. Its stack height of 41mm adds to its adaptability and utility, allowing riders to fine-tune their riding position for maximum comfort and control. The 31.5mm diameter ensures compatibility with standard handlebars, providing a secure and reliable connection. The 75mm length balances stability and maneuverability, making it suitable for various trail conditions. The stem’s 0 to 60-degree rise allows riders to customize their handlebar height to suit their riding style and preferences, whether it’s an aggressive, forward-leaning posture for tackling challenging climbs or a more upright position for leisurely rides. In the diverse terrain of Sydney, Australia, where trails vary from steep ascents to thrilling descents, having a stem with these specifications ensures that your eBike is equipped for every adventure. The Trails Ahead Stem offers the adaptability and performance needed to conquer Sydney’s captivating landscapes easily and comfortably.


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