Diana / Obsidian Original Motor Controller 48V


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Introducing the Diana/Obsidian Original Motor Controller 48V, a crucial component for your electric bicycle. Designed specifically for the Diana and Obsidian bike models, this motor controller ensures smooth and efficient operation of your electric system.

Operating at a voltage of 48V, this motor controller provides the necessary power and control for your electric bike. It regulates the flow of electricity to the motor, allowing you to accelerate, decelerate, and maintain your desired speed with precision.

The Diana/Obsidian Original Motor Controller is engineered for optimal performance and reliability. It is designed to handle the power demands of your electric bike, delivering consistent and efficient power delivery for an enjoyable riding experience.

Installation of the motor controller is made easy with its compatibility and user-friendly design. With the original motor controller, you can trust that it is tailored specifically for your Diana or Obsidian electric bicycle, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Upgrade your electric bicycle with the Diana/Obsidian Original Motor Controller 48V and experience enhanced power and control. Enjoy a smooth and efficient ride, knowing that your electric system is equipped with a reliable and specially designed motor controller.


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