CYBERBIKES MAX-CARGO aluminium step thru cargo long frame 250W Motor 48V 20Ah Battery

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Product Information


  • Aluminium: Offers a good balance of weight and durability.
  • Step-over design: This is a typical frame style for bicycles where you step over the top tube to mount and dismount.


  • 250W motor peaking at 650W: This powerful motor can provide good acceleration and hill-climbing ability. The 650W peak might be achieved with custom Cyberbikes settings only.
  • Cyberbikes Settings: Customizable power settings to adjust for performance.


  • 48V 20Ah: This offers a good balance of battery capacity and weight. The range will depend on various factors like rider weight, terrain, and assist level usage, but you can expect a decent range on a single charge (Estimated range  87km on a flat surface travelling at 25km/h)

Assist Modes:

  • Full-throttle: Allows you to control the motor power directly with a half-twist throttle, similar to a motorbike.
  • Pedal Assist (5 Levels): The motor assists based on your pedalling cadence. You can likely choose between 5 different assist levels to adjust the amount of motor power you receive.

Other Features:

  • Wide 24×2.4″ tyres: These wide tyres provide good grip and stability on various terrains, including asphalt and loose surfaces.
  • Foot pegs for the passenger: Allows you to carry a passenger on the back of the bike.
  • Extended rear rack: Provides additional cargo-carrying capacity (200kg max load)
  • 3A Charger: Full charge in 6.67 hours – This is a standard charger rate for many electric bikes.
  • Gears: Shimano 7 Speeds shifter, Shimano freewheel 14-28T.
  • Brakes: Eunorau Hydraulic Brake system, 180mm disc brake on the front wheel and 180mm disc brake on the rear wheel, incredible stopping power and low maintenance.
  • Lights: Front and rear LED lights are integrated into the main battery, providing a solid beam and practicality.

The Cyberbikes MAX CARGO is a versatile e-bike suitable for commuting with your family, dropping off the kids at school, taking your partner to the pub, exploring the modern life of urban centres, and providing a fast and ecological way of going around. At the same time, one can carry their belongings, groceries, and kids on one-way trips!

Moped style E-bike Eunorau Max Cargo Geometry


  • Front Light Integrated to Main Battery

    Powerful LED light, intense beam with low energy consumption.

  • Rear Light Integrated to Rear Rack

    Powerful LED light is attached to the rear rack carrier.

  • Built-in Kickstand and Foot Pegs for Passenger 

    Easy load/unload with a built-in Kickstand and Retractable foot pegs allow your passenger to relax and enjoy the ride!

  • Folding Handlebar Stem + Front Basket Mounts

    When the handlebar stem is folded in half, MAX CARGO’s maximum height is Hmax=0.87m.
    The front basket increases loading capacity and allows you to monitor your belongings, whether your dog or your bag.

  • Comfortable VELO Saddle

    MAXCARGO is equipped with the leading brand in Saddle technology, a luxurious and comfy saddle!

  • LCD Screen with Sine-Wave Controller

    A digital controller with a perfect modular wave ensures lots of power and reliability to your bike, with a peak power of over 600W!


  • Optional Second Battery To Increase Power and Range

    Plug and Play; add a second battery to double the range of your MAX CARGO. Ideal for Families and Tradies!

  • Long Rear Rack for Passengers and Load

    The extra-long rack allows you to easily carry two children, large pannier bags on each side of the carrier, or a baby seat + two pannier bags. The configuration options are endless, as the bike’s maximum load capacity is 200kg!


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