The CST Cosmo has a wide tread design and beautiful contours to make riding more comfortable and safe. The new tread groove and diamond pattern design enhances the drainage capacity on wet days.

  • 27.5 x 2.45
  • 30 TPI
  • Up to 65 PSI
  • E-Bike Approved 50km
  • Defender Cobweb Protection

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Product Information

The COSMO E-CARGO is a specialized bicycle tire designed for electric cargo bikes, such as those used for heavy-duty urban transportation and delivery purposes. Here are some key features and specifications:

  1. Size: The tire is 27.5 inches in diameter and 2.45 inches in width, making it well-suited for cargo bikes that need stability and load-bearing capacity.
  2. TPI (Threads Per Inch): It has 30 TPI, which indicates a balance between durability and comfort. Lower TPI tires are more robust but may sacrifice some ride comfort.
  3. Pressure Rating: This tire can handle inflation pressures of up to 65 PSI (pounds per square inch), offering flexibility in terms of adjusting tire firmness for varying terrain and cargo loads.
  4. E-Bike Approved: The “E-Bike Approved 50km” label suggests that this tire is suitable for use on electric bikes with speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour. It’s designed to handle the extra demands placed on tires by e-bikes.
  5. Defender Cobweb Protection: The tire features Defender Cobweb Protection, which likely provides added puncture resistance and durability, an important feature for cargo bikes that might encounter various road hazards.

Overall, the COSMO E-CARGO tire is optimized for performance and safety on electric cargo bikes, with features like a wide tread design, enhanced drainage capacity, and specialized protection to ensure reliable and comfortable rides while carrying heavy loads.


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