Charger 52V (14S) 3A Li-ion Battery Charger Output 58.8V LED With Fan Aluminum Shell battery connector 3Pin XLR


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Product Information

Charge Up Your E-Ride with Confidence: 52V (14S) 3A Li-ion Battery Charger (XLR Connector)

This high-performance 52V 3A charger is your perfect partner for keeping your electric bike, scooter, or other 14-series 52V Li-ion battery-powered devices running smoothly.

Designed for Optimized Charging:

  • 52V (14S) Compatibility: Specifically engineered to match the voltage requirements of 14-series 52V Li-ion battery packs, ensuring a safe and efficient charging process for your device.
  • 3A Output: Delivers a fast and reliable charge, minimizing downtime between rides.
  • 58.8V Output Voltage: Perfectly matches your battery’s voltage for optimal charging performance.

Safety and User Convenience:

  • LED Indicator Lights: Monitor the charging status at a glance with the easy-to-read LED lights.
  • Aluminum Shell Construction: The aluminum shell effectively dissipates heat, ensuring a safe charging experience for you and your battery.
  • Cooling Fan: The integrated fan keeps the charger cool during operation, extending its lifespan and preventing overheating.

XLR Connector Compatibility:

  • 3-Pin XLR Connector: Designed specifically for e-bikes and other devices that utilize this type of connector, ensuring a secure and compatible connection.

Here’s Why This Charger Stands Out:

  • Fast Charging: Get back on the road faster with a quick and efficient charging time.
  • Safe and Reliable: Built-in safety features protect your battery, giving you peace of mind.
  • Cool Operation: The integrated fan ensures the charger stays cool during use.
  • XLR Compatibility: The 3-pin XLR connector makes it perfect for various e-bikes and devices.

Upgrade Your Charging Experience Today!

Order your 52V (14S) 3A Li-ion Battery Charger with a 3-Pin XLR connector today and enjoy the convenience of fast, safe, and reliable charging for your electric ride!


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