Bottom Bracket Cartridge, 127.5mm Threaded 68mm shell, Alloy Sheath & Cup ‘VP’ Brand


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Product Information

The VP Bottom Bracket Cartridge you described is a threaded type designed for replacing worn-out bottom brackets on bicycles. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

  • Thread type: Threaded – This is the most common type of bottom bracket and requires a threaded frame shell for installation.
  • Shell size: 68mm – This is the most common bottom bracket shell size for bicycles. Double-check your bike’s bottom bracket shell width for compatibility before purchasing.
  • Bottom bracket width: 127.5mm – This refers to the width between the cups of the bottom bracket, which needs to match the width of your crankset spindle.
  • Material: Alloy Sheath & Cup – The cups and sheath (the main body) are made of alloy, offering a balance of weight and durability.

Advantages of a VP Threaded Bottom Bracket Cartridge:

  • Standardized design: Compatibility with most threaded bottom bracket shells (68mm) and cranksets with a 127.5mm spindle width.
  • Relatively easy replacement: If you have the right tools and some mechanical knowledge, replacing a bottom bracket cartridge can be a DIY project.
  • Affordable: VP is known for offering budget-friendly bicycle components.

Things to consider before buying:

  • Compatibility: Ensure this bottom bracket cartridge matches your bike’s frame shell size (68mm) and crankset spindle width (127.5mm).
  • Quality: While VP offers affordability, some online reviews suggest the quality might be lower than higher-end brands. Consider reading reviews to get a better understanding.
  • Durability: Depending on the materials and construction, the durability might vary. If you prioritize long-lasting performance, you might consider exploring options from more established brands.

Overall, the VP Bottom Bracket Cartridge is a good option for budget-minded cyclists who need to replace a threaded bottom bracket with a 127.5mm spindle width on a 68mm shell frame. However, if long-term durability or top-tier performance is a priority, considering other brands might be better.

Here are some additional tips for purchasing a bottom bracket cartridge:

  • Identify your existing bottom bracket: If you can remove your current bottom bracket, it will usually have the specifications printed on it, including the shell size and spindle width.
  • Search for compatible options: Once you know your bike’s specifications, you can search for bottom bracket cartridges that match those measurements.
  • Consider sealed bearings: Sealed bearings offer better protection against dust and contamination, potentially extending the lifespan of the bottom bracket.


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