BOTTOM BRACKET, 68mm Cartridge type, PLASTIC Cups, length 131mm, a Quality STRONGLIGHT product, – 205646 – (Bolts NOT included)


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Product Information

The information you provided describes a bottom bracket cartridge made by Stronglight with the following specifications:

  • Type: Cartridge – This is a self-contained unit that includes the bearings and axle. It’s a common and user-friendly option for replacing worn-out bottom brackets.
  • Shell size: 68mm – This is the most common bottom bracket shell size for bicycles. Double-check your bike’s bottom bracket shell width for compatibility before purchasing.
  • Material: Plastic Cups – The cups that house the bearings are made of plastic. Plastic cups are generally more affordable but may not be as durable as metal cups.
  • Length: 131mm – This refers to the width between the cups, which needs to match the width of your crankset spindle.
  • Brand: Stronglight – A brand known for offering various bicycle components.
  • Model number: 205646 – This can be helpful for searching for specific information or reviews about this particular bottom bracket.
  • Bolts not included: Make sure to purchase compatible bottom bracket bolts separately if they are not included.

Here’s a breakdown of some potential benefits and drawbacks of this bottom bracket cartridge:


  • Easy replacement: Cartridge bottom brackets are generally easier to replace than non-cartridge systems, especially for DIY repairs.
  • Affordable: Plastic cups often make this type of bottom bracket a budget-friendly option.
  • Stronglight Brand: While not top-tier, Stronglight offers various bicycle components and might be a reliable choice for casual riders.


  • Plastic Cups: Plastic cups might not be as durable as metal cups, especially for demanding riding styles.
  • Weight: Plastic cups can add slightly more weight compared to metal options.
  • Limited Compatibility: The 131mm length might not be suitable for all cranksets. Ensure compatibility with your crankset spindle width.
  • Bolts not included: Purchasing compatible bottom bracket bolts adds to the overall cost.

Overall, the Stronglight Bottom Bracket Cartridge (205646) appears to be a suitable option for budget-minded cyclists who need to replace a 68mm shell, 131mm width bottom bracket with plastic cups. However, if you prioritize long-term durability, lighter weight, or have a different crankset spindle width, considering other options with metal cups or different lengths might be better.

Here are some additional things to consider before buying:

  • Bottom bracket standards: There are different bottom bracket standards beyond shell size and width. Ensure this cartridge is compatible with your specific crankset standard (e.g., Square Taper, BSA threaded).
  • Quality reviews: While Stronglight is a recognized brand, reading online reviews about the durability of this specific plastic cup model might be helpful.
  • Professional installation: If you’re not comfortable replacing the bottom bracket yourself, consider taking your bike to a professional mechanic.


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