Battery Mount for Reention Dorado/Mini/Pro/Plus/Max/21700 Battery case Suits 36v 48v 52v Versions comes with 2 keys and key barrel


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Product Information

Secure Your Ride in Style: Reention Dorado Battery Mount with Key Lock

Enjoy worry-free rides with the Reention Dorado Battery Mount, featuring a built-in key lock for enhanced security! This versatile mount is compatible with various Reention Dorado battery cases, including Mini, Pro, Plus, Max, and even the 21700 versions.

Universal Dorado Battery Fit (Double-Check Compatibility):

  • Designed for Most Dorados: This strong and secure mount works with a wide range of Reention Dorado battery cases, regardless of voltage (36v, 48v, or 52v).
  • Confirm Fit Before Purchase: While this mount boasts universal Dorado compatibility, double-check your specific battery model (Mini, Pro, Plus, Max, or 21700) for confirmed compatibility before purchase.

Double the Security:

  • Integrated Key Lock: This mount features a built-in lock with two keys, providing an extra layer of security and deterring potential theft.
  • Peace of Mind on Every Ride: Enjoy the confidence of knowing your battery is securely locked in place, even when your e-bike is unattended.

Easy Installation (with some mechanical knowledge):

  • User-Friendly Mounting: The battery mount is designed for a simple and hassle-free installation process with basic mechanical knowledge and tools (usually not included).
  • Consult a Professional (if needed): For a guaranteed perfect installation, consider consulting a professional bike mechanic.

Upgrade Your E-Bike Today!

  • A secure battery mount with a lock is essential for any e-bike rider. This Reention Dorado mount with key lock provides robust protection for your battery, giving you peace of mind on every ride.
  • Order yours today and experience the confidence and convenience of a secure and lockable battery mount!

Additional Considerations:

  • Some Reention Dorado battery mounts may offer features like additional key sets or weatherproof keyhole covers. Check the product description for specific details.
  • If you’re unsure about the compatibility of this mount with your specific Reention Dorado battery, contacting the manufacturer or seller is always recommended.


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