AXLE – Bottom Bracket Axle, Nut Type, 5T, 129mm, BLACK


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Product Information

The AXLE – Bottom Bracket Axle, Nut Type, 5T, 129mm, BLACK appears to be a replacement axle for a specific type of bottom bracket system. Here’s a breakdown of the key features:

  • Application: Bottom Bracket Axle – This axle is specifically designed for a bottom bracket, the part of the bicycle that connects the crankset to the frame and allows the cranks to rotate.
  • Nut Type: This axle uses a nut on one side to secure it in place. The other side likely uses a crank arm or a bearing system depending on the specific bottom bracket design.
  • 5T Spline: The axle has 5 splines (teeth) along its length. These splines likely interface with a matching 5T slot on the crankarm or bottom bracket cup to transmit torque while allowing rotation.
  • 129mm Length: This is the overall length of the axle. Ensure this measurement matches your existing bottom bracket or the specifications of your new bottom bracket system.
  • Color: Black – This is just the cosmetic color of the axle and shouldn’t affect functionality.

Who might need this AXLE?

  • Cyclists replacing a worn-out bottom bracket axle: If the axle on your existing bottom bracket is damaged or bent, this could be a replacement option.
  • Builders of custom bicycles: When using a compatible 5T bottom bracket system, this axle might be a component during the build process.

Things to consider before buying:

  • Compatibility: This is crucial. Ensure the 5T spline design, axle length (129mm), and nut type match your specific bottom bracket system. Replacement parts should be compatible with the original components or your new bottom bracket if upgrading.
  • Bottom Bracket System: Not all bottom brackets use separate axles. Some are cartridge units where the axle is not a replaceable part. Double-check your bottom bracket type before assuming this is the correct replacement part.
  • Brand Compatibility: While not explicitly stated, some bottom bracket systems might require specific brand replacement parts to ensure proper fit and function. Check your existing bottom bracket or consult a bike mechanic for recommendations.

Overall, the AXLE – Bottom Bracket Axle seems like a specific replacement part for a 5T bottom bracket system with a 129mm axle length. Ensure compatibility with your bottom bracket before purchasing.


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