Sahoo , Frame TRIANGLE Bag, 1.5 L capacity, velcro secure mounting


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Product Information

The Sahoo Frame Triangle Bag with 1.5L capacity and velcro secure mounting builds upon the strengths of the previously discussed 1.0L version, offering increased storage for your cycling adventures. Here’s a breakdown of the key features:

Increased Capacity:

  • 1.5 liters: This additional space allows you to carry more essentials on your rides. You can comfortably fit items like snacks, tools, a phone, wallet, a small pump, and even a light rain jacket.

Other Features:

  • Durable 300D polyester construction: Just like the 1.0L version, this bag offers a good balance of weight, durability, and water resistance, protecting your belongings from splashes and light rain.
  • Velcro secure mounting: This system provides a quick and easy way to attach the bag to your bike frame without any tools.

Benefits of a Frame Triangle Bag:

  • Improved weight distribution and handling
  • Easy access to essentials while riding
  • Enhanced aerodynamics compared to backpacks
  • Space optimization within your bike frame

Considerations before buying:

  • Frame compatibility: Ensure your bike’s triangle has enough space for the bag and clearance for water bottles (if you use them).
  • Water resistance: The material offers some protection from splashes, but it’s not fully waterproof. Use additional waterproof pouches for valuables in heavy rain.
  • Storage needs: With 1.5L, this bag caters to more gear compared to the 1.0L version. However, if you need to carry a significant amount of supplies, a larger frame bag might be better.

Overall, the Sahoo Frame Triangle Bag (1.5L) is a solid choice for cyclists seeking a convenient and affordable way to carry more gear on their rides. The increased storage capacity allows you to pack for longer journeys or bring extra layers for unpredictable weather. Just remember to confirm frame compatibility and consider your specific storage needs before purchasing.


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