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29 June 2022

The Centauro® Your Future Ride

In 2019, I moved to China and I designed, prototyped and developed the Centauro, the one and only ebike that gives you the sensation of being half-human and half-horse. The Centauro®, originally called Centaur, blends three bicycle categories into a unique vehicle: The riding capabilities of a mountain bike with aggressive headset geometry, and suspension […]

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6 September 2022

What is the range of an electric bike? How Far Can You Travel on an Ebike?

There are many misconceptions in the industry these days; maybe it’s because ebikes are hybrid vehicle systems (combining human + electric power), which seem to be tempting many companies to exploit the lack of understanding from consumers to misguide, mislead and frankly lie – by giving range estimates that an ebike rider could never reach, […]

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17 June 2022

This is Cyberbikes

It’s been a long time since Felipe started working with electric bikes. More than just repairing them, he has always had the dream of building his brand of electric bikes. He started doing ebike conversions, which are still the flagship of Cyberbikes, with hundreds of bicycles converted by his hands and the team. Now Cyberbikes […]

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16 June 2022

What’s an Electric Bike?

This is a very interesting universe and you should take it in steps. If you’re not that technical, you can continue reading for an easy  introduction to the art of electric bikes: The Five main steps to identifying an ebike are: They have an electric motor They have a battery bank to power the motor […]

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