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24 February 2023

Cyberbikes Pepito Fat Folding Ebike How To Fold Your Electric Bike

Pepito is a 20″ Fat Ebike manufactured by Cyberbikes. Pepito has been an enormous success because it’s a practical, fast and fun ride. Learn how to fold and transport your Pepito in this video. To own yours, visit https://cyberbikes.com/product/cyberbikes-pepito-fat-folding-ebike/ And abduct yours now! 00:00 FELIPE HOST AND CEO 00:11 What’s Pepito? 00:25 How to fold […]

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17 December 2022

How ebike brakes work? Why ebike brakes squeak? Which ebike brake is more important?

This video explains how ebike brakes work, why bike brakes squeak and what’s important to look for in your ebike brakes. By inspecting your brake pads regularly you’re able to prevent losing stopping power and causing damage to the brake components. We also showed the difference between our competitors’ brake quality in comparison to Cyberbikes’ […]

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28 November 2022

Folded Pepito, Compact Super Powerful Electric bike by Cyberbikes

Loyal as a dog, Pepito’s compact design makes it easy for you to decide on your next go-to Ebike. You can find it at https://cyberbikes.com/cyberbikes-models/ 00:00 Introduction 00:10 Folded Pepito 00:26 Check part 2 for the final look!https://www.youtube.com/embed/mPGiCLRVA1k

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29 June 2022

The Centauro® Your Future Ride

In 2019, I (Felipe, CEO) moved to China and designed, prototyped and developed the Centauro, the one and only ebike that gives you the sensation of being half-human and half-horse. The Centauro®, originally called Centaur, blends three bicycle categories into a unique vehicle: The riding capabilities of a mountain bike with aggressive headset geometry, and […]

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