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Who are we? Manuel and Felipe are the most forward-thinking characters in the industry, working to build e-bikes inspired by passion and engineering. So we want to share what we know and advise anyone interested in exploring this fantastic transport option to help them find what's suitable for their needs. The future is electric; stand with us and join the fray. Update, 15th November 2022: Manuel has stepped out to pursue better health, and Felipe has been working on the Cyberbikes Ultimo workshop like never before! He's the one whose ideas are already shaping the future.

The Team

Felipe R. C. Rodrigues, was born in Brazil in 1990. In 2014 he arrived to Australia after graduating from a 4860 hour degree in mechanical engineering. His father Rodrigo, and grandfather Arnosan are also mechanical engineers. In 2016 he was accredited by 'Engineers Australia' as a professional engineer and became a member of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA). That same year he founded FELPS EBIKES, then took the opportunity to attend two international bicycle shows in Taiwan (2017) and China (2019). Being so involved shaped his perspective enough to stay in China to design and manufacture his own electric bicycle frame - one that will soon will hit the Australian market.

We’re mission-driven to improve these options by standing up against planned obsolescence and offering only high-quality products that we ourselves use.

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